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How Does Hyperhidrosis Affect Quality of Life? Center for Excessive Sweating Buffalo Niagara and
Wednesday, August 21, 2013



There are physical, functional, and psychosocial limitations in hyperhidrosis patients according to N Solish (CUTIS in 2006, volume 7).


Physical limitations in patients with hyperhidrosis are discomfort related to wet shoes, clothing, staining of shirts, ruined shoes, ruined clothing, irritation, and maceration of skin and body odor.  Dripping sweat from the craniofacial area is also limiting to patients and disturbing to patients as others seem to approach them and ask them if they are having an acute heart condition such as a heart attack.


Functional limitations in quality of life (QOL) indicators for hyperhidrosis include difficulty handing paper and paperwork, difficulty handling tools; danger or electrical shock while working with electrical equipment (as an electrician) and in construction work; potential for electric shock during computer programming, design and engineering as well as individuals working in the technology field; need for frequent change of clothing including underwear and pants; dropping objects at work because of slippery hands; limiting leisure activities such as playing with cards, playing musical instruments, knitting; limitations in regards to sports such as ballet, gymnastics, wrestling and so on.


Psychosocial impairments and quality of life limitations include embarrassment limited to excessive sweating, sweat marks on clothing, obvious wet feet in patient who are wearing flip-flops; embarrassment when shaking hands in the business world, in social setting, in romantic situations, and in friendships among children and adolescents in school; reluctance to meet new people in the business world and in the social setting; emotional and psychological stress including lack of confidence, depression or anxiety.


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